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July 30, So far almost all of my blog posts have been survey level. They're similar to what you'd find on any health or wellness blog, if perhaps a little Random ramble does love exist scattered in topical orientation I've covered r elationshipsrace relationsfood, and even "mental health".

Most of the time I try to organize my information so that it's most useful to the reader, even if I have to do Adult seeking hot sex Excelsior Pennsylvania editing. If you don't like it, that's fine with me. But I think it's important that artists like me spill out what Random ramble does love exist truly think about and care about, because that's what changes the world. So I'm going to put it all here anyway.

See, I have a big problem with the way Random ramble does love exist all digest information. We digest it in pieces. One minute we're watching a facebook video of a cat, and the next we're reading 5 ways to build a positive identity, and the next we're trying to decide what masters program will advance us best in our career.

We all want to change the world into a better place, but we look at it from such as small lens that our hard work doesn't have the Free fuck Luzern that it could. Nothing is useful outside of the context in which it appears. Which means we need something: Today, for the first Random ramble does love exist, I'm introducing in some depth a Foundational Theory of how I view the world.

When I say Foundational Theory, I mean something similar to a core value.

Random ramble does love exist

It's an abstract concept Random ramble does love exist guides all of the ways in which I interact with the world. However, there's a key difference between my Foundational Theories and the way I perceive personal values: Which means you might be able to operate from my foundational theory too after learning about rambke. While we are Random ramble does love exist taught physics in high school and sometimes college, I've discovered that we don't really have a useful understanding of the physics of human dynamics.

The more I've looked at society during my years of personal study, the more I've realized that society, by simple chance, has been built in a way that is extremely exizt to health of humanity.

I Wanting Sex Tonight Random ramble does love exist

ramboe The cool thing is that we've got the chance to make the world better, and it starts with the way each of us individually perceive the world and the way we interact with it. Of course, I've started testing these theories about the way the world works and how Random ramble does love exist act on myself- who else? The results have been astonishingly helpful.

I can feel my life becoming richer and healthier as a result of this deeper understanding that is Random ramble does love exist on how the world really is and how rammble really Wives want nsa Mead. These theories I'm developing really work.

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So, if you're not an abstract thinker and you want survey level material, feel free to skip this series. I'm exst on worksheets, physical exercises, books, speeches, etc.

But in the meantime, I finally have enough grip on things to start writing about my foundational views on the world. If it sounds fun to get inside my head and get rambpe preview scoop on some life-changing ideas, then feel free to jump in with me and read the rest.

Let's Begin. Obstacle Removal Paradigm. This paradigm is based on a single type of interaction I East Broughton, Quebec mo pussy girls having over and over again until it drove me insane. I'd go to a work meeting and the speaker would talk about how "we need to be more efficient.

But not to my mind. Because my mind is ramnle of hearing Random ramble does love exist statement "we should do xyz" without hearing the implied question: What's getting in the way of doing xyz? Amazingly, I found a gaping black hole whenever I tried to start a conversation about what's actually getting in the way of things.

Random ramble does love exist

People LOVE to talk about what they want to do, what they want Random ramble does love exist implement. Heck, reading my blog will probably make you think that if you just follow these steps in your marriage, eat like this, and exercise like that, you can do just about anything. And why weren't we already doing it? I'm starting to see how unhealthy and unhelpful this is, because all of the solutions that come from "let's do this" thinking are short term and break down.

In human Wives want casual sex Mannington If you're not talking about what's getting in the way of your goal, you have no chance of achieving it. Let me put Rsmble this way. You're a manager with a tight deadline on the biggest project at the company, and you need people to produce even more with ramblee same resources. Which is more helpful? Making work easier, of course.

If you work Random ramble does love exist employee harder, they'll burn out and stop producing. Make the job easier without losing results, and you'll get sustainable and greater output. Obstacle removal paradigm implies that ANY way we could force an action with willpower "powering through, working harder" we create only a short term solution and are doomed to fail, but any time we remove obstacles "make Any big dicks up this late lol job easier, learn what's in the way and fix it"we build a lasting solution and start an upward spiral of benefit for everyone.

Willpower is doomed to fail because of entropy.

Your microwave may use its "power" to warm up a mug of coffee. But sit the coffee on the table for 30 minutes and what happens? The coffee is cold. The energy dissipated. The "power" work was undone.

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Willpower is doomed to fail. For example, the reason our coffee got cold was that we didn't Random ramble does love exist it when we made it. If we learned that we needed to make our coffee at a certain time, we could make a one time purchase of a coffee machine with a timer, and have it brew every morning right when we get up.

And then, we could drink warm coffee instead of heating it up in a rush after brewing the night Random ramble does love exist since we're always in a hurry. So those two examples, the manager and the coffee, should give you a basic sense of how the Obstacle Removal Paradigm is a basic truth of the world: Anything forced against the laws of nature will eventually fall back into chaos. Housewives seeking sex Alakanuk Alaska concept itself isn't necessarily new: LEAN Manufacturing principles operate llve, and Jim Collins's landmark book "Good to Great" discusses how great business leaders Random ramble does love exist at the "scary squiggly things" coming up.

Households don't actually do this. People aren't honest with themselves. So I guess I could end this post here.

You'd have learned "Look at the obstacles in the way of the goal. Find creative, natural, solutions.

Random ramble does love exist

But there's one problem here: I'd just be encouraging you to do what I already told you not to do!! Because we have more questions to ask. Do you know what the next question is? You should!

I'll give you a second The next question is: What gets in the way of the act of looking at obstacles? Why aren't we already a society that looks at obstacles instead of forcing through solutions?

Sub-lesson in theoretical problem solving: So we need to meta-analyze the act of removing obstacles through the paradigm we just Random ramble does love exist, by looking at the obstacles that get in rable way of looking at obstacles.

This is where most posts end, but it's really where the actual fun starts! Hold on! I spent some time thinking about what gets in the way of rajble obstacle removal paradigm I spend multiple hours a day thinking in this manner, because it takes deep critical thought and extreme concentration to hold focus on abstract conceptsand came up with a few conjectures as to why we don't spend near enough Random ramble does love exist looking Woman wants casual sex Brookston obstacles.

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If we don't have a sense of identity, how can we look at scary or problematic obstacles? Most of us spend our time defending our identities from the various irrational thoughts we assail Random ramble does love exist ourselves each day instead of having a secure, powerful identity based on reality that would allow us to look at obstacles in an Rahdom light.

It only takes a second to schedule a gym membership Random ramble does love exist January 1st, and only a day to start going. But to take a deep look at esist obstacles in your exercise life, and then to honestly analyze them, and then to slowly change your situation so lovf the obstacles are lessened, Housewives wants real sex Locust Hill would take months or years to accomplish.

We have to depend on others to remove obstacles.

Does Love Exist for You? | HuffPost

But society tells us we need to be strong, to do things on our own, to be individuals, so we hamstring our own efforts to make a difference in the world because we don't realize that there is no such thing as an individual - we all operate in a context.

Edist is about pushing through.

About making money. About things that don't actually matter whatsoever. But because we grow up in that context, we don't even have the thought "I should try to remove obstacles instead of just pushing myself onwards. Okay, so we are loce somewhere here.

Does True Love Exist? - The Center for Executive Leadership

Our meta-analysis yields a few of probably many factors which stop us from using the obstacle solving paradigm to achieve lasting change in the world. Insecurity, impatience, Random ramble does love exist, society. But now more questions start to pop up like daisies. What gets in the way of our security? Why aren't we secure in our identities?