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For those who know what they want out of life Wants Sex Dating

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For those who know what they want out of life

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Four Ways to Figure Out What You Really Want to Do with Your Life

Jon Ly on Unsplash. How do you figure out what would bring you true enjoyment in what you do every day? And perhaps this is why so many of us end up in jobs we dislike.

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I was right where you might be now. We are wanh different and so I understand this may not resonate with everyone, but what helped me most to find my way was to get out of my head and more in touch with myself. It opened the door to uncovering what brings me joy.

As a result, in my tjey life, in an effort to obediently follow the script, I had shoved away most of my own desires. They stop speaking up.

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If we were in touch with ourselves we would know. I was disconnected from myself and lost touch with what I truly wanted.

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So I tried to play along and pretend I could keep doing what I was doing. And as we all know, they collapse eventually, one way or the other.

What are the thoughts that roll around in your head when you think about work and the next steps in your career? Some of them we might genuinely agree with. Holding on to them only serves to make us doubt ourselves and silence that inner voice that knows what's right for you.

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So take a closer look. If you read the biographies or even the Wikipedia pages kno some of the people you admire you might see this.

So, if you meet others resistance remember this too. In this case, we can brainstorm, research, ask around etc.

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We live in a time of endless possibilities for what you can create for yourself. Your life is for you to enjoy.

I believe you have the right to live your life any way that pleases you and everything you do ought to be in thosr to your happiness and what you want.

When we let go of the "shoulds" we create the space for our true desires to come to the surface Photo Credit: So, "s houlds" can be sneaky.

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This may take some time or it could be that you realize you whst know what you want, but have been putting all your "shoulds" in the way. I'm a career coach. I help people navigate their way to work that feels authentic, fun and fulfilling!

I help them find what they want and make changes to go after it! Prior to being a coach, I ran a social imp Put to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Sara Young Wang Contributor.

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