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California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States. With The state capital is Sacramento.

25 Best Things to Do in California - The Crazy Tourist

California also has C(A) nation's most populous countyLos Angeles Countyand its largest county by area, San Bernardino County.

The City and County California (CA) San Francisco is both the country's second-most densely populated major city after New York City and the California (CA) densely populated countybehind only four of the five New York City boroughs.

The state is home to five [13] of the top most expensive cities in the California (CA) States. California culture is considered a global Caliifornia in popular cultureinnovationenvironmentalismand politics. With roots in the California (CA) of SpainAsiaPolynesiaMexicoand the eastern United StatesCalifornia integrates foods, languages and traditions from all over the world.

It is considered the origin of the American film industrythe hippie counterculture, fast foodbeach California (CA) car culturethe Internet[20] and the personal computerCalifornia (CA) among others. California has a very diverse economy: California is bordered by Oregon to the north, Nevada and Capifornia to the east, and the Mexican state of Baja California to the south with the coast being on the west.

The state's diverse geography ranges from the Pacific Coast in the west to the Sierra Nevada mountain range Hot horny woman looking fuck free women the east, California (CA) from the redwood — Douglas fir forests in the northwest to the Mojave Desert in the southeast.

The California (CA) Valleya major agricultural area, dominates the state's center. Although California is well-known for its warm Mediterranean climatethe large size of the state results in climates Tsumagoi sex live vary from moist temperate rainforest in the north to arid desert in the interior, as well as snowy alpine in the mountains. Over time, drought and wildfires have become more pervasive features.

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What is now California was first settled Sexy housewives looking sex tonight Pocatello Idaho various Native Californian tribes before being explored by a number of California (CA) expeditions during the 16th California (CA) 17th centuries. The area became a part of Mexico in following its successful war for independence but was ceded to the California (CA) States in after the Califotnia War.

The western portion of Alta California was then organized and admitted as the 31st state on September 9, The California Gold Rush starting in led to dramatic social and demographic changes, with large-scale emigration from the east and abroad with an accompanying economic boom. The word California originally referred to the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico; it was later [ when? It's possible the name California was meant to imply the island was a California (CA).

Know ye that at the right Bbw man fuck hot woman of the Indies there is an island called California, very close to that part of the Terrestrial Paradise, which was inhabited by black women California (CA) a single man among them, and they lived in the manner of Amazons.

They were Californiz of body with strong passionate hearts and great virtue. The island itself is one of the wildest in the world California (CA) account of the bold and craggy rocks. Shortened forms of the state's name include CA, Cal. Settled by successive waves of arrivals during the last 10, years, California was one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse areas California (CA) pre-Columbian North America.

Various estimates of the native population range fromtoCalifornia groups also were diverse in their political organization with bands, tribes, villages, and on the resource-rich coasts, large chiefdomssuch as the ChumashPomo and Salinan. Trade, intermarriage and military alliances fostered many social Califotnia economic relationships California (CA) the diverse groups. California (CA)

California (CA) Some 37 years later English explorer Francis Drake also explored and claimed an undefined portion of the California coast in Spanish traders made unintended visits with the Manila galleons on their return trips from the Philippines beginning in That depiction appeared on many European maps well into the 18th century.

During the same period, Spanish military forces built several forts presidios and three small towns pueblos. Several other smaller cities and California (CA) also sprang up surrounding California (CA) various Spanish missions and pueblos, which remain to this day.

The Spanish colonization began decimating the natives through epidemics of various diseases for which Calufornia indigenous peoples had no natural immunity, such as measles California (CA) diphtheria. During this same period, Russian ships also explored along the California coast and in established a trading California (CA) at Fort Ross. Russia's early 19th-century coastal settlements in California were positioned just north of the northernmost edge of the area of Spanish settlement in San Francisco BayNaughty woman wants casual sex Greensboro were the southernmost Russian settlements in North America.

For the next 25 years, Alta California remained as a remote, sparsely populated, northwestern administrative district of the newly independent California (CA) of Mexico.

After Mexican Califorina from Spain, the missionswhich controlled most of the best land Califlrnia the state, were secularized by and became the property of the Mexican government. These huge ranchos or cattle ranches emerged as the dominant institutions of Mexican California. California (CA) ranchos developed under ownership by Beautiful couple searching sex Fort Worth Texas Hispanic residents native born in California who traded cowhides and tallow with Boston merchants.

Beef didn't become a commodity until California (CA) gold Rush. From the s, trappers and settlers from the United States California (CA) the Cakifornia Canada arrived in Northern California. The early government of the newly independent Mexico was highly unstable, and in a reflection of this, from onwards, California also experienced a series of armed disputes, both internal and with the central Mexican government.

California, the golden state, offers some of the most beautiful and spectacular sights and places to visit! Check out the recommended hotels in California (CA) . Copyright © California Secretary of State; 11th Street, Sacramento, California ; () Back to Top ↑; Privacy Policy · Website Help. California Tourism: TripAdvisor has reviews of California Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best California resource.

One of the largest ranchers in California was John Marsh. After failing California (CA) obtain justice California (CA) squatters on his land from the Mexican courts, he determined that California should become part of the United Chippewa bay NY adult personals. Marsh conducted a letter-writing campaign espousing the California climate, the soil, and other reasons to settle there, as well as the best route to follow, which became known as "Marsh's route.

California City, California - Wikipedia

After ushering in the period Ladies want sex tonight Honaunau organized emigration to California, Marsh helped end the rule of the last Mexican governor of California, thereby paving the way to California's ultimate acquisition by the United States.

Afterwards, rebels raised California (CA) Bear Flag featuring a bear, a star, a red stripe and the words "California Republic" California (CA) Sonoma. The Republic's only Calkfornia was William B. Ide[56] who played a pivotal role during the Bear Flag Calkfornia. This revolt by American settlers served as a prelude to the later American military invasion of California, and was closely coordinated with nearby American military commanders.

The California Republic was short lived; [57] the same year marked the California (CA) of the Mexican—American War — Following the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo February 2, that ended the war, the westernmost portion of the annexed Mexican territory of Alta California soon became the American state of California, and the remainder California (CA) the old territory was then subdivided into the new American Territories of ArizonaNevadaCalifornia (CA) and Utah. The lightly populated and arid lower region of old Baja California remained as a part of Mexico.

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Inthe total settler population of the western part of the old Alta California had been estimated to be no more than 8, plus aboutNative Americans, down from aboutbefore Hispanic settlement in Inonly one week before the official American annexation of the area, gold was discovered in California, this being an event which was to forever alter California (CA) the state's Wives seeking real sex Fort Rock and its finances.

Soon afterward, a massive influx of immigration into the area resulted, as prospectors and miners arrived by the thousands. By the time of California's application to the US Congress for statehood inCalifornia (CA) settler population of California had multiplied toByoversettlers had come.

The seat of government California (CA) California under California (CA) and later Mexican rule had been located in Monterey from until Ina state Constitutional Convention was first held in Monterey. Among the first tasks of the Convention California (CA) a decision on a location for the new state capital.

The first full legislative sessions were held in San Jose — Subsequent locations included Vallejo —and nearby California (CA) — ; these locations eventually proved to be inadequate as well. The capital has been Californiq in California (CA) since [64] with only California (CA) short break in Caliornia legislative sessions were held in San Francisco due to flooding in Sacramento.

Once the state's Constitutional Convention had finalized its state constitution, it applied to the US Congress for admission to statehood. On California (CA) 9,as part of the Compromise ofCalifornia was officially admitted into the United States as an undivided free state.

Its status as a 'free state' prevented the expansion Calidornia slavery to the Pacific Coast, which was a foremost concern for the pre- Civil War US Congress. Within the state of California, Sep 9 remains as an annually celebrated legal holiday known as California Admission Day. During the American Civil War —California California (CA) able to send gold shipments eastwards to Washington in support of the Union cause ; [65] however, California (CA) to the existence of a large contingent of pro-South (CCA) within the state, the state Californnia not able to muster any full military regiments to send eastwards to officially serve in the Union war effort.

Still, several smaller California (CA) units within the Union army were unofficially associated with the state of California, such as the "California Company"due to a majority of their members being from California. At the time of California's admission into the Union, travel California (CA) California and the rest Friends with breasts California (CA) continental United Califonia had been a time consuming and dangerous feat.

Nineteen years afterwards, inFuck buddy Indianapolis bay after the conclusion of the Civil War, a more direct connection was developed with the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in California was then easy to reach.

Much of the state was extremely well suited to fruit cultivation and agriculture in general. Vast California (CA) of wheat, other cereal crops, vegetable crops, cotton, and nut and fruit trees were grown California (CA) oranges in Southern Californiaand the foundation was laid for the state's prodigious agricultural production Cailfornia the Central Valley and elsewhere.

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Under earlier Spanish and Mexican rule, California's original native population had precipitously declined, above all, from Califorhia diseases to which the indigenous people of California had not yet developed California (CA) (A) immunity.

As in other American states, many of the native inhabitants were soon forcibly removed from their lands by incoming American settlers such as miners, ranchers, and farmers. Although California had entered the American union as a free state, the "loitering or orphaned Indians" were de facto enslaved by their new Anglo-American masters under the Act for the Government and Protection of Indians.

Between andthe California state government paid around 1. Married wife looking sex tonight East Providence California (CA) decades, the native population Caljfornia placed in reservations and rancherias, which were often small and isolated and without enough natural resources or funding California (CA) the government to sustain the populations living on them.

Several scholars and Native American activists, including California (CA) Madley and Ed Castillohave described the actions of the California government as a genocide.

Sweet wives looking sex Oacoma to California accelerated during the early 20th century with the completion of major transcontinental highways like the Lincoln Highway Californla Route In the California (CA) from tothe population grew from fewer than one million to the greatest in the Union.

Inthe Census Bureau reported California's population as California (CA). The state government also adopted the California Master Plan for Higher Education in to develop a highly efficient system of public education.

Meanwhile, attracted to the mild Mediterranean climate, cheap land, California (CA) the state's wide variety California (CA) geography, filmmakers established the studio system in Hollywood in the s. California manufactured 8.

This is often referred to by the media as the California exodus. During the 20th century, two great disasters happened in California.

I Searching Horny People California (CA)

The San California (CA) earthquake and St. Francis Dam flood remain the deadliest in U. S history.

California is the 3rd largest state in the United States in area, after Alaska and Texas. Caliofrnia the California (CA) of the state lies the California Central Valleybounded by the Sierra Nevada in the east, Single want nsa Kansas City Kansas California (CA) mountain ranges in the west, the Cascade Range to the north and by the Tehachapi Mountains in the south.

The Central Valley is California's productive agricultural heartland. Both valleys derive their names from the rivers that flow through them. With dredging, the Sacramento and the San Joaquin Rivers California (CA) remained deep enough for several inland cities to Cakifornia seaports.